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Independent Film Producer invited to set of Law & Order: SVU

Independent Film Producer invited to set of Law & Order: SVU

By Martha Swartz

Antonio Saillant, an Indie film producer has been given the chance of a lifetime to shadow "Ted Kotcheff" on the set of the Hollywood television series, "Law & Order: SVU".

Saillant, who lives in New York City, is the owner of Angel Light Pictures, an independent production company that gives inspired film-makers the chance to make their dreams into reality. Entertainment has a new light, "Angel Light".

Ted Kotcheff, Executive Producer and one of the Show- Runners, is a friend of Saillant, which led to the idea of Kotcheff one day mentoring him. Kotcheff directed many U.S. films throughout the 1970's and 1980's, with perhaps the best-known film being "First Blood" in 1982, starring Sylvester Stallone.

Saillant, who "work shadowed" Kotcheff for two weeks, said the opportunity was "fantastic". Meeting the cast and crew especially Marishka Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, Ice-T and Sharon Stone was outstanding.

Sharon Stone who joins the cast of Law & Order: SVU as a guest spot in which she plays a retired cop who becomes an assistant district attorney. Seeing Sharon Stone in action during the filming of the last episode of the 11th season was breathtaking, said Saillant.

In addition, French actress “Isabelle Huppert” was also involved in the filming of the last episode of the season as guest star. Huppert is best known for her in the “Piano Teacher” and the “Lacemaker” along with a handful of American Movies such as “I Heart Huckabees”.

I would be reluctant to say something like, "film is a lot more challenging and filled with philosophical depth than TV" when the reality is that film merely has more freedom to be that way. "I hope as my career develops, I'll end up working on bigger budgeted films and hopefully with Kotcheff. "I'm hoping to join the set in Canada which will be my first time on a proper film sound stage involving Kotcheff," said Saillant.

The film November Gale, is the human and tragic story of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, an event immortalized in Gordon Lightfoot's epic song. This film project is being produced by Gerry Arbeid who has hundreds of screen credits to his name and will be directed by Kotcheff. No set date has been established yet for filming.

Saillant, who was once a semi-pro baseball player turned Aerospace engineer, studied at the New York Institute of Technology in Long Island, Old Westbury.

Saillant commented "Learning from Kotcheff was definitely a stepping stone in the right direction." In order to gain someone's friendship in the industry, when meeting a director or a producer for the first time, "be yourself". Everything you read, learn or experience changes who you are and your goals for who you want to become. You should strive to constantly develop your relationship as you develop yourself.

Saillant initially met Kotcheff in his New York City resident building years ago and after being invited on the set of SVU fell in love with Kotcheff's style of directing and producing and they met many times after to discuss how the mentoring would work.

Although the formal mentoring period is over, Kotcheff will continue helping Saillant on an informal basis.

Saillant is also busy pursuing his own film career. He formed his own company "Angel Light Pictures" with the goal of developing films for a global audience. Saillant worked with Director/Producer Robert Stock at "Stocks Eye", an independent production company which produced the SyFy thriller, "The Ascension" starring Corbin Bernsen.

Saillant also worked on the independent film "Heterosexuals" produced by J. Robert Spencer, who played Nick Massi in "Jersey Boys" and is currently starring on Broadways new musical as Dan in "Next to Normal".

Future works from Saillant include a football drama entitled "The Golden Knights", two comedies entitled "If" and "Pumping Up", as well as thrillers "Wormhole", "The Expendables: Soul Harvest" and "Gripped".

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