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Angel Light "Green Team" Group "We Find the Light in Energy," by Going Green for Movie and Film Production in NYC.

By Mr. W. Wee
May 20, 2010

It's commonly believed that when it comes to energy efficiency and movies, there is one person that has a vision and passion for both. Antonio Saillant, President of Angel Light Energy and Angel Light Pictures. He’s known as one of the most outspoken green individual in New York City and soon in Hollywood.

Saillant is very active in energy conservation and helping future television and movie industry to push the idea of the initiatives of going green. He saved energy to major hospitals, pharmaceuticals and major businesses in New York City, New Jersey and even Radio City Music Hall and Yankee Stadium.

A graduate of the New York Institute of Technology with a degree in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering. He is a top Management Executive for over 15 years in the energy field, managing over $1 billion in both the private and public sector. His specialties included energy conservation, energy supply management and energy infrastructure. He evaluated and implemented the following in many companies/projects: Project Management; Project Financing; Construction Management; Operations & Maintenance; Energy Auditing; Energy Engineering; Measurement & Verification.

His passion for the entertainment industry led him away from engineering and carried him into motion pictures. Saillant has appeared on both the big screen and television.

Relishing his role behind the camera as well as in front, Saillant decided to utilize his years of experience and formed Angel Light Pictures with the goal of developing films for a global audience.

Saillant worked with Robert Stock at Stock's Eye, the independent production company which produced the syfy thriller The Ascension, starring Corbin Bernsen. Saillant also worked on the independent film Heterosexuals, produced by J. Robert Spencer, the actor and singer who was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in the Broadway musical Next to Normal.

Saillant is best known for his amazing networking abilities and charisma. His networking led him to meet and learn from high profile industry professionals as well as being able to gain trust and friendship from his mentors by simply being genuine.

Saillant's long time collaboration with his mentor, Ted Kotcheff, led to the idea of one day working together in producing upcoming film projects. Kotcheff directed many U.S. films throughout the 1970's and 1980's, with perhaps the best-known film being "First Blood" in 1982, starring Sylvester Stallone. Kotcheff is currently the executive producer of NBC's "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" .

Saillant also had the privilege to know Sydney Pollack, whose films received a total of 48 Academy Award nominations, winning 11 Oscars. Pollack directed more than 21 films and 10 television shows, acted in over 30 films or shows, and produced over 44 films.

Saillant commented "Learning from Kotcheff and Pollack was definitely a stepping stone in the right direction. In order to gain someone's friendship in the industry, when meeting a director or a producer for the first time, be yourself. Everything you read, learn or experience changes who you are and your goals for who you want to become. You should strive to constantly develop your relationship as you develop yourself."

Saillant's, Angel Light Energy has provided hundreds of clients nationwide with energy and sustainability solutions about perceptions, barriers and opportunities for energy efficiency in new and existing buildings.

Angel Light Pictures was created to educate and inspire future artists that have that entrepreneurial spirit, raw talent, commitment and tenacity to create a career of longevity and mastery. The company has the artistic vision and with the goal of bringing the universal themes of friendship, integrity and goodwill to the big screen, and to television for worldwide audiences who are tired of the stereotyped movie formula.

Saillant stated, "I’m pleased that with the Angel Light Group it will be able to combine both the motion pictures and energy business model in order to make both my vision quests into reality.”
"We at the Angel Light Group will be working diligently toward focusing on energy services business while pursuing the motion picture industry.”

The future of the Entertainment industry will definitely follow an environmental pattern. Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Forest Whitaker, Chace Crawford, Jason Bateman, Emmy Rossum and more stars appear in a new PSA asking Americans to contact the government about passing a clean energy bill. Efforts are taking place throughout the movie and television industries and in all companies to recycle materials and cut down on water consumption.

"Production is an inherently high-polluting business and the process of turning Green takes time and money," said Saillant.

Saillant will be setting up future meetings with studio executives to discuss ways the industry can be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and if money is an issue, the Angel Light Group will work with State, City and utilities to develop rebate incentives in order to help in the green efforts.

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  1. This is a Great Article Antonio!
    You are doing alot of Great things to Better our Environment. Lets hope Everyone else jumps on the bandwagon & does their part as well in joining you in this quest.
    Keep up the good work!